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Farming in the middle of the desert

Farming in the middle of the desert

Good morning #dahab

Good morning #dahab

the natural progression to this media crusade against women, whether it was intentional or accidental

went under the noses of incompetent sociologists that couldn’t see the catastrophe at its infancy,

the introduction of magazines and newspapers like the -al hawades- translated to the Accidents - that

focused mainly on crimes with juicy stories of rape and sexual attacks, including details fit for a very

inappropriate erotic novel.

*most of the stories that are written in those magazines / newspapers were the fabrication of the sick

minds of their writers with no bases in reality, sometimes they even cited sources in the police force

that didn’t exist, the problem with those stories is that they laid the foundation to the normalcy of rape

and sexual harassment in our society and turned it into entertainment.

just a few decades ago sexual harassment was nearly unheard of in Egypt, rape on the other hand

always exist but never on a large scale as it is now, however, the excuses behind the crime were never

questioned, no one ever stopped to ask “why the rapist rape the poor victim”, the criminals were

immediately identified as evil doers that required punishment.

the problem today is the justification of such crimes for political purposes.

At the later years of the Mubarak era, when the riot police were encouraged to attack women and

molest them on the streets, aiming to deter/terrify them from protesting ever again, - actions the police

officers involved never answered for-.

Under SCAF rule, army and police soldiers sexually assaulted girls in Tahrir square and the adjacent

streets, then inside the Cairo museum where the famous virginity tests were done on female protesters,

the Army leadership apologized for doing it but never punished the ones who did.

When ousted president Mohamed Morsy came to power his rule saw the first documented organized

gang attacks and rapes, they happened in downtown Cairo’s tahrir square and side alleys, the criminals

were very organized in their attacks and left the country in shock. They also were never brought to


the Governments were either complacent or incompetent in stopping those crimes, more often than not

we had officials coming out with statements denying the “documented” crimes, like in the case of the

virginity tests. Other times they would blame the victims, or blame the way they dressed.

when the Muslim brotherhood majority-held parliament declined the discussion of an an anti sexual

harassment law they based their rejection on “that it’s the woman’s problem that she gets attacked,

because she tempts the men with how she dresses or how she walks or leaves the house” said one prominent female brotherhood figure known as Om ayman

rape jokes have become a normal topic when talking about prisoners or police torture, police torture

itself has become something people discuss sometimes with content and sometimes with conviction.

people are unwilling to even discuss the problem, when a friend of mine tried to talk to women on the

metro about their vile experiences with sexual harassment she was more often than not attacked by

other women who claimed this was all a lie to bring the name of Egypt down, or they blamed it on the

victim for the way she dressed or acted or smelled. they rarely blamed the attacker

Even now under the military-backed post revolution/coup d’état regime, sexual crime is still being

justified, excuses are still found for the criminals to lessen the pain of the reality we are now living in

that Egypt is not a safe place for women or young girls, especially if they have any interests in politics or

free speech and especially if they want to go out and fight for their rights

one recent example of this was when the dean of the cairo university blamed the victim of a gang attack

that happened on university grounds, he called the way she dressed as provocative and she was asking

for it because she was wearing bright colors to uni.*

The government aligned/liberal media outlets launched a vicious attack on the girl as well, blindly

defending the university dean, some anchors were out of the way to compare the victim to a prostitute.

on a grander scale it seems like the right wing/” liberals” are decided on defending government

incompetency no matter how far it takes us, from branding every opposition figure a brotherhood

member or sympathizer to victimizing criminals just to justify police brutality, when they decide to look

the other way when the innocent majority of Egyptians are getting hurt directly and indirectly (more

than 50% of Egyptians are women) the day will come when we all would wish we did things differently

and put an end to this evil.


Note: I wrote this 2 months ago but it is still as fitting to today’s gang rape crime at Tahrir square, once again government incompetency and inability to protect it’s people has lead to a gang attack under the lenses of tv cameras.

I hope this will be the long awaited wake up call

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Good Guy Sauron

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