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The new 1984?


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you might be wondering -however unlikely- whats up with the Egyptian people, where have they been hiding? after all we have been the headline for the news/media over the past years with out free spring and revolutions and what nots. now you might accidentally find a mention of a bomb going off somewhere everynow and then but nothing about the hopes and dreams of the occupants of this ancient land.

if you havent been following due to your current residence under a rock, in 2011 the egyptian people rose in a sudden uprising -sometimes they arent so sudden- and in 18 days managed to toppled the ubercorrupt regime of Hosni Mubarak, in the months to follow, a military council/junta of 19 generals known as SCAF with the aid of the Muslim Brotherhood shared the power, the Junta assuming the position of president and the brotherhood as parliament. 

under popular pressure, and the cold blooded murder of hundreds of protesters SCAF finally set a date for presidential elections which was to be won by none other than the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate, the brotherhood and the army continued sharing the power, and in their course also continued in stifling the revolutionary demands.

to the calls for Freedom, Social justice, Dignity. the brotherhood -then backed by the army- imprisoned hundreds of protesters, drafted an anti protest law and gave the police new unheard of powers, new guns and all kinds of fun tools to kill the revolution. when the police chief then refused to open fire on the protesters swarming the presidential palace after a constitutional declaration gave the Brotherhood president Godlike immunity from prosecution, he -the police chief- was fired and replace by a much more brutal chief that would later massacre 1000s of the Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters.

in a Coup camouflaged in a peoples second wave of the revolution, the army out right took control of the presidency, arresting the elected -incompetent- president and later arresting and murdering thousands of the brotherhood.

in a much frowned upon presidential elections that now one cared to vote in, -evidently rigged results- Sisi the current president of Egypt won a majority of 90 something percent, -because the true results would hurt his feelings - with no plan, no program, no goals. he assumed his seat

the egyptian opposition dissolved into a pro sisi supporters and to Anti brotherhood supporters. if you speak against sisi youre immediately branded as a terrorist or a sympathizer even if you had been on the front lines fighting the brotherhood.

Every great dictator needs a great project and thus a new Suez Canal is being dug *citation needed because we arent sure if this is actual or just bullshit propaganda.

the country is in a state of constant anger, everyone is angry simply because blaming the army for the shit they are causing with their inability to understand how to run a country is a capital offense, so everyone just grind their teeth and blame the brotherhood for the state we are in, mean while the police continues to be just as corrupt and brutal as always, the media still as shamelessly biased to whatever the government or the army want the people to think, millions upon millions still believe the revolution was a ploy to destroy the country and the army is simply doing what they can to protect it from its enemies -all those devils around us-

do i see a light at the end of this tunnel? well i dont think we are in a tunnel anymore, i think all of this overwhelming corruption is unsustainable and what they will manage in doing is postpone total collapse, the people cant be anesthetized forever, one day they will sober up and eat the wankers causing them pain. 

i cant even say the problem is only the army or the president of the police or the brotherhood, i only know that bombs go off killing innocent people and sometimes innocent soldiers, then the police retaliates and kills innocent civilians with “wrong” alignments. so i will just continue to blame the media for being the dope of the minds, for numbing everyone’s thoughts to the point when no one can think for themselves or formulate a simple opinion … so fuck you media controller.


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Scientist takes off clothes to go swimming with belugas. In the wild they will not interact with people wearing clothes

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Unnecessary Explosions.

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There is no good and evil there is only power

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